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We Love Pay Per Click

Review Your Account

Let Us Review Your Account And Identify Areas Of Opportunity. We pride ourselves on being paid search marketing experts with which you can push your account’s performance to the max.

Goego delivers fully managed PPC advertising campaigns

We research your market and competition and create compelling online advertising that gets you noticed. You simply set the budget and we do the rest, keeping your costs low and your returns high. Each of our clients gets bespoke data-led strategies to get the most out of their campaigns but we do follow a success framework that allows for effective PPC creativity.

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Clean Up Data For Clarity

The first step for any project is to ensure your figures are right, making decisions using dodgy data is foolhardy and can be disastrous! There are many ways for your data to be corrupted such as incorrect conversion tracking to search terms firing for multiple keywords.

Data Clarity

Creating data clarity can require some pretty extreme changes in an account.

Take The Time

After these changes are made, we like to take the time to let things calm down.

Decision Making

This ensures that we are working off a strong base and have an accurate data set to be used in decision making.

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Stabilise The Account

In this period, we will also hit the low hanging fruit that we have identified in the account audit, if there are any, for some early wins. Once we have a solid platform, we can make well-informed decisions to grow your account in an efficient and sustainable manner. When you expand you create chaos and uncertainty however this is a necessary evil to grow. Minimising uncertainty in what you have makes it possible to understand the areas we are growing into a lot quicker.


Google Ads Certified

This is the key to getting you the best possible results if we make a right or wrong decision it is important to know why and how it happened. Our account managers are all Google Ads certified, so you can be sure that we’re up to the job.

Positive Results

We’ve been through the rigorous training courses and achieved the high level of certification required in order to carry out effective and profitable pay-per-click campaigns for our clients, with the positive results to prove it.

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Year on Year increase in click through rate of 57.1%

Goego Digital commenced working with Remove My Car in October 2019, with a very competitive marketplace that includes well-established rivals, there was initially a negative impact on the average CPC and a low-quality Google Ads score when we took the account over.

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The Results

26% increase in conversions 33% increase in conversion rate

In Q3 and Q4 of working together, there have been positive results through carefully considered PPC and content marketing strategy. Google Ads has proved to be a great source of quality specific traffic but also assisting channel working with other marketing channels like email and paid content advertising to help bring more leads.

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